Custom Software Development

Just for you...

At Dimnida, we attach importance to customer collaboration, communication and passion for creating quality custom applications. Stop using standard software solutions that don't work for your business. With us, you will have a long-term software development partner.

Business İntelligence

With the applications that we have developed with Business Intelligence infrastructure, we increase your work efficiency and ease the burden on you.

Cloud Solutions

Whether you want to move existing systems to the cloud or create new applications from scratch, our experts create elegant, dynamic cloud solutions for you.

Big Data Analysis

Big Data analysis starts with obtaining, preparing and analyzing your organization's data and reporting findings and helping these insights reach your team's goals.

Digital Transformation

We provide excellent technology channels to keep your business competitive in today's highly demanding and challenging market. We provide optimum business solutions with a progressive approach to add more value to your business.

Digital Asistant

If your company needs a solution that will automate the routine work of employees, store data and information, or provide comprehensive workflows, we offer solutions to improve the quality of your business and services.

Integration and End-to-End Solutions

We create APIs to connect and update our client's legacy systems, both as part of new software development projects and to securely connect to the open web.

How We Do?


  • We value people and their strength, possibilities and fun together.
  • Our enthusiasm is infectious and keeps us focused on delivering quality every time.
  • With our Agile process, you will see the progress earlier, collaborate with our team more often, and enjoy faster market entry.
  • We ensure that our teams work on exciting projects and have everything they need to reach their peak performance.

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