B2B - B2C Applications

Beyond trade ...

Take your e-commerce initiatives to the next level or start your full digital transformation to be the best in your business. We can help you become the best online business in your class, improve existing workflow, analyze visitor shopping patterns, create digital presence for your business and value for your customers.

Boutique E-commerce Applications

Support your social media sales with the website. Offer your customers safe and pleasant shopping.

Marketplace Integrations

Show yourself in multiple markets with marketplace integration. Significantly increase your return on investment by combining inventory management, shipping, invoicing and product analytics.

Customized Product Design Solutions

Be visible and engaging in the online market with unique and creative designs tailored to each customer.

B2B, B2C Solutions

Sell online to your potential and existing customers more easily and at a lower cost.

How We Do?


  • We value people and their strength, possibilities and fun together.
  • Our enthusiasm is infectious and keeps us focused on delivering quality every time.
  • With our Agile process, you will see the progress earlier, collaborate with our team more often, and enjoy faster market entry.
  • We ensure that our teams work on exciting projects and have everything they need to reach their peak performance.

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