In Our 12th year we know better what our customers want.

To learn more about how we can help your business, check out our areas of expertise and feel free to ask us questions!

Business İntelligence Big Data Analysis Digital Asistant Cloud Solutions Digital Transformation İntegration and End-to-end Solutions
Field Monitoring Multiple Platform İntegrations Peer to Peer Communication Business İntelligence Solutions Monitoring Applications
Corporate Website Micro Sites Landing Page Designs CMS İntegration Boutique e-commerce Applications Personal Product Design Solutions Marketplace İntegrations B2B, B2C Solutions
Adwords Advertising Management SEO Search Engine Optimization Social Media Advertising Management Social Media Account Management Digital İd Work Content Management
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What We Do ?

Custom Software Development

As DİMNİDA,we aim to include the software you need in your life by adapting it completely for your us.

Web Applications

As DİMNİDA,we closely follow the searches and perspectives of the societies and offer special solutions for you with Professional studies at very affordable prices.

Mobile Applications

As DİMNİDA, it is among our main duties to make them progress in this field with our unique and practical mobile applications and to earn money for themselves in return for time and time.

B2B-B2C Applications

As DİMNİDA,while designing original and boutique e-commerce applications,we care about the sustainability of our work and technological indepence by sharing the source codes with your company.

Data Services

Dimnida offers many solutions in data service that aim to help you achieve more efficiency and profitability by solving your data problems and digitally changing the way your business works.

Digital Marketing Support Service

Digital Marketing Support Service provides digital support and expertise in order to provide competitive advantage and increase corporate value in the planning and implementation process of companies' sales and corporate goals.

Why Us?

We Guide You Throughout the Whole Process.

After successfully creating multiple startup projects, we know what to do at every stage of the product lifecycle. You don't need any technical knowledge, you don't need to understand the entrepreneurship world, you don't need to have your own employees. Our team has all the skills to assist you throughout your journey.

In Our 12th Year We Know Better What Our Customers Want.

Whether you are rebuilding your product using new technologies, scaling your enterprise or creating an internal tool to digitize your corporate processes. We are behind you. We are experts in market entry and growth strategy, technology consulting and innovation roadmaps.

  • Businnes İntelligence
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Digital Assistant
  • Cloud Solutions
  • Digital Transformation
  • İntegration And End-to-End Solutions

Our Finishline Is Your Success..

In the face of developing world conditions, the technology needs of societies are increasing day by day. In this direction, personalized programs are also becoming obligatory. Imagine; How many programs you use all the time actually meet your needs!Maybe you cannot put the programs you have to use into your daily life due to the complexity.

As DİMNİDA, we aim to include the software you need in your life by adapting it completely for your use. There are special software that you must include in your life. Let's analyze them together.

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Completed Projects
The User We Serve Daily
Ongoing Project
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Our businnes partners

We are with you from the planning stage of your project until you reach your business goals.
When we get on board, your success is our finish line.

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Contact Us

Çınar Mah. Fatih Cad. No: 1-23 Çiçek Plaza D:704 Bornova İzmir

(0 232) 484 0 999